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Контрольная работа для студентов заочного отделения

по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»


Задание №1.Составьте рассказ о своей фирме, организации, в которой Вы работаете в настоящее время.


I work as a sales manager in StroyPlast Company. It is a company which deals with sales and purchases of different construction materials. This company is not very big and it does not have many workers. The staff includes a director, a vice-director, a CEO, some supervisors, three sales managers, a logistical manager, a PR manager, a HR manager and two accountants. Though the company is not very big, it is very successful. StroyPlast Company co-operates with many other Russian companies and factories, which produce construction materials. It has got business partners throughout the whole country and also some partners in China, Germany and Poland. The company has successfully operated for more than 5 years already and it has got a very good reputation.


Задание №2.Составьте свою визитную карточку на английском языке.


  Ivan Ivanov Sales Manager StroyPlast Company   Tel: + 7 911 767 8890 Email: ivaniv@gmail.com 2, Lenin street Arkhangelsk Russia  



Задание №3.Прочитайте и устно переведите следующее рекламное объявление. Составьте сопроводительное письмо на данную вакансию. Заполните анкету от своего имени.



Central Business Consultants, 16 Hyde Towers, Hong Kong The company has a vacancy for a Managing Director to head up one of the branches. Your role will be to manage, controlled and plan the company activities. You must be sociable, energetic, able to make right decisions. Further information and application forms are available from the Personnel Manager. Central Business Consultants, 16 Hyde Towers, Hong Kong D. 157EX Tel. 365-465-894  



Objective Looking for an employment in your company
NAME Ivan Ivanov
ADDRESS2, Lenina Street Arkhangelsk Russia PHONE+ 7 911 767 8890
Do you have a valid driver’s license Yes V No
Marital status not married # of dependentsno
EducationArkhangelsk Gymnasium No. 1123 (1999 - 2009) North State Medical University (2009 - present)
Name of school Arkhangelsk Gymnasium No. 1123 Year graduated 2009 Course Taken or Degree Still studying
Languages Russian, English
English Excellent good fair
Company StroyPlast Company Address23, Morskaya Street Arkhangelsk Russia
Type of business industry Construction material company employed(month & year) 2 years
  From 2012 to present
Position(s) held Sales manager supervisor’s nameSergey Kungurov
Describe your duties Maintaining and increasing sales of company's products, maintaining and expanding customer base, servicing the needs of existing customers, meeting with other department heads, dealers and distributors, making phone calls to different companies
Why did you leaveI found myself bored with the work and looking for more challenges.
Personal references
Name Anna Petrova Address245, Popova Street Arkhangelsk Russia Phone+ 7 911 234 5467

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