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They collect any evidence, and this when they ……….. be very careful.

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Вариант А

Задание № 1. Заполните пропуск.

They collect any evidence, and this when they ……….. be very careful.

a) should

b) have to

c) must

Задание № 2. Заполните пропуск.

I ………. tell you that, at the moment, we are most interested in the differences between the TV dramas and the reality of a crime lab.

a) should

b) can

c) must

Задание № 3. Заполните пропуск.

We are doing some research for a documentary series about ………. science.

a) interesting

b) glamorous

c) forensic

Задание № 4. Заполните пропуск.

I don’t like to work alone. I like working in a ………..

a) company

b) team

c) command


Задание № 5. Закончите правильно предложение.

General Relativity says that:

a) space and time are joined together

b) every person has their own time

c) one person’s clock is different from someone else’s

Задание № 6. Прочитайте текст и выполните задание.

Then women talk about their experience and skills, for example, they need to talk about the six out of ten things that they have, not to apologize for the four out of ten that they don’t have.

Определите, является ли утверждение:

‘someone needs to give women scientists some confidence’

А: истинным

В: ложным

С: в тексте нет информации

Задание № 7. Заполните пропуск.

Too much light and our modern way of life can have a negative impact on our sleeping ………

a) samples

b) pictures

c) patterns

Задание № 8. Заполните пропуск.

I usually put ……. milk in my tea

a) any

b) no

c) some

Задание № 9. Заполните пропуск.

Last summer I _______ to Malta


a) not went

b) didn’t went

c) didn’t go

Задание № 10. Выберите реплику наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения:

Which would you prefer to go to?

A: Oh! I‘d love to see the drummers.

B: It’s a great chance to see something different and unusual.

C: I’m more interested in the Japanese drummers.

Задание № 11. Заполните пропуск.

When ……. you go to a swimming pool next time?


a) did

b) does

c) do

d) will


Задание № 12. Заполните пропуск, закончите предложение.

I used to be more enthusiastic. Maybe it’s because I’m older now. I don’t think I really achieve ……….

a) more

b) much

c) any more

Задание № 13. Заполните пропуск.

I love this programme, I ……….. it every week.

a) am watching

b) see

c) watch

Задание № 14. Заполните пропуск.

I………. bring my laptop to work and join an Internet chat room.

a) am going to

b) am hoping to

c) would like to

Задание № 15. Заполните пропуск.

We could take copies of any book we wanted, but I only took about three or four………. I was there.

a) after

b) when

c) while

Задание № 16. Найдите правильный перевод термина

Electrostatic equilibrium

a) Электрическое равновесие

b) Электростатическое колебание

c) Электростатическое равновесие

Задание № 17. Найдите правильный перевод термина

Capacitors in series

a) серия конденсаторов

b) последовательные конденсаторы

c) параллельные конденсаторы

Задание № 18. Дополните словосочетание, чтобы получился правильный термин

Geiger... –счётчик Гейгера

a) calculation

b) meter

c) counter

Задание № 19. Дополните словосочетание, чтобы получился правильный термин

...... wire – тепловой (энергетический) провод

a) Hot

b) Energy

c) Hot energy

Задание № 20. Вставьте правильный термин

When a positive test charge is used, the electric field always has the same direction as the ……….. on the test charge.

a) magnetic field

b) electric force

c) charge carrier



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