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Exercises. I. Use the following words and phrases in sentences of your own:

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I. Use the following words and phrases in sentences of your own:


shaper, slotter, to machine, speed-box, ram, swivel-base vice, tool slide, clapper box, downfeed mechanism, to incline, splined holes, to pin, slide block, to oscillate, quick-return mechanism

II. Answer the following questions:


1. What are shapers and slotters? 2. What are they used for? 3. Why are shapers and slotters not used in mass production? 4. What is the size of the shaper determined by? 5. By what means are shapers driven? 6. What classes are shapers subdivided into? 7. What is housed in the shaper column? 8. What part of the column is the cross-rail mounted on? 9. How does the .able move? 10. What is the table provided with? 11. What is 4the function of the ram? 12. Describe the features that characterize the downfeed mechanism. 13. During which stroke of the ram is the shaper cutting tool idle? 14. What mechanism is used to reduce the idle time to minimum? 15. How are universal shapers distinguished from crank shapers?

III. Give derivatives from the following words and translate them into Russian:


to reciprocate, to apply, to shape, to direct, to rotate, hydraulic, to subdivide, high, to oscillate, point, proportion, horizon

IV. Find in the text English equivalents of:



поперечно-строгальный станок, установочный винт, ползун, ход ползуна, салазки, перпендикулярный, приводить в движение, резцедержатель, механизм вертикальной подачи

V. Make up as many questions as possible to the following sentences:


1. By means of shapers it is possible to machine flat surfaces of work. 2. Tool heads are clamped in any angular position by means of single control head locks. 3. Circulatory pressure system continuously lubricates ram guides. 4. A steel safety guard for ram is attached to the rear of the frame. 5. The cross feed to the table is actuated by a single cam.

VI. Describe the principle of operation and construction of the shaper shown in Fig. 54 using the following words and word combinations:


shapers, to be designed, to plane horizontal surfaces, the application, proper tools, to be employed, to finish vertical and angular surfaces, the crank shaper, to be shown, to consist, the following main parts, a hollow column, to house a part of the drive, mechanism, a cross-rail, to be mounted, the front of the column, a saddle, a table, the latter, to be provided, T-slots, to clamp the work, the top of the shaper column, to be machined, to form, ways, to support, to guide, a ram, tool head, toolslide with a swivel base, a tool post, to hold the cutting tool, to be clamped, the clapper box

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