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  1. Each review document contains a description of the work that is being reviewed, a summary of the work and a critical assessment of the work (or works) being reviewed.
  2. Far Manager 1.7

In today's competitive world, we find that different companies and businesses need managers with different management abilities. While not everyone's view (1) ____ what makes a good manager is the same, it seems that (2) ____ good managers have certain qualities in common- (3) ___ work environment requires different skills. A good manager in one company or business (4)___ not be as good in another. (5) ___ are, however, various trails that all good managers should have.

In a large corporation, (6) ____ organisation and planning are essential, the responsibility (7) _____ the managing director is to motivate and keep the managers informed so they can do their best In a small company or business, (8) ____ the owner or managers job is to train and motivate the employees directly, without having the help of (9) ___ middle management.

In (10) ___ case, the skills required are quite different. Even though (11) ____ a good manager is vital to all businesses, it is even more so in small ones. Research shows that the style and approach of the owner or manager in a small company, usually determines the

character and attitude (12) ____ its employees will adopt.


1. А of B in C for
2. А every B all C none
3. А All B Some C Each
4. А might B must C would
5. А They B There C It
6. А who B where C which
7. А of B to C on
8. А although B despite C however
9. А any B some C no
10. А which B this C those
11. А be B being C been
12. А who B what C that





Points) Syntax. Organise the correct order of words in Special question. Write your answers (letters A, B, C or D) in the boxes.


a: Other words in the sentence

b: Subject

c: Question wordв

d: Main verb




X 1 points) Lexis. Complete the sentences putting in phrasal verbs according to the meaning. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D or E) in the boxes.


1: Sorry I’m late. The car a: took off
2: … ! There is a car coming b: get up
3: It was my first flight. I was nervous as the plane c: get on
4: I was very tired this morning. I couldn’t d: look out
5: How was the exam? How did you … ? e: broke down
6: My French isn’t very good but it’s enough to  




Раздел 2.

Иностранный язык как средство делового общения.

English for Business Communication

X 2 points) Ethics. A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Three answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Write your answers (letters A, B or C) in the boxes.


1) If you’re doing business abroad, it’s useful to know about local customs: If an Indian says ‘Come any time’, he/she expects you to … .

a: visit him/her the next day

b: ignore the invitation

c: arrange a visit immediately


2) If you’re doing business abroad, it’s useful to know about local customs: You can’t do business in Moslem countries on … .

a: on Fridays

b: on Wednesdays

c: on Sundays


3) If you’re doing business abroad, it’s useful to know about local customs: If an American nods his/her head, it probably means … .

a: ‘I understand’

b: ‘Yes’

c: ‘I am interested’


4) If you’re doing business abroad, it’s useful to know about local customs: If a British nods his/her head, it probably means … .

a: ‘I understand’

b: ‘Yes’

c: ‘I am interested’




X 1 points) Ethics. In the following text seven words are missing. Complete the text selecting the best variants for each gap. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D, E, F or G) in the boxes.


Mobile phone etiquette


Respect the people around you when you (1) … or take a call in public. Remember that sometimes (2) … your phone (3) … may be the best solution. Use the messaging feature to (4) … and receive text messages (5) … saying a word. (6) … your conversations quiet and (7) … .


a: make

b: off

c: brief

d: without

e: keep

f: send

g: turning




2.2. (7 x 2 points) Read the article below about a court case against a large company. Are sentences 1-7 ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’? If there is not enough information to answer ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’, choose 'Doesn't say'. For each sentence (1-7) mark one letter (А, В or C) in the box.


Vidal Sassoon gets in lather with P&G

Vidal Sassoon, the 1960s hairdressing icon, says he is to sue consumer products company Procter & Gamble. He has taken them to court, in the US district court for the central district of Los Angeles, for failing to promote hair care products carrying his name and for breaking their contract.

"I feel betrayed," Mr Sassoon said in a statement. "They assured me that my name represented a billion-dollar brand, and 1 trusted their marketing- Instead, they systematically ruined sales of my products."

Procter & Gamble, however, said it was "disappointed" that Mr Sassoon had chosen to bring the case against them. "We have consistently supported this business and we don't believe his case is valid," the company said.

Vidal Sassoon claims that P&G neglected his brand in favour of other brands such as Pantene. The reason for this was that P&G have to pay royalties to Vidal Sassoon for the use of his name; this is not the case with Pantene products. Pantene is now the world's biggest hair care brand.

A spokesman for Mr Sassoon said the Sassoon product range, including shampoos, gels, sprays and conditioners, had worldwide sales of nearly $470m at its peak in 1995.

Sassoon's lawyers are asking for the termination of Sassoon's contract, and an unspecified amount of money for damages.


1. Vidal Sassoon comes from Los Angeles.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


2. Sassoon claims that Procter & Gamble have stopped promoting products with his name on them.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


3. Procter S Gamble promised Sassoon a billion dollars.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


4. Procter & Gamble think Sassoon may have a case against them.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


5. It is more expensive for Procter & Gamble to promote Vidal Sassoon products than Pantene products.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


6. Vidal Sassoon claims that his products are better quality than Pantene.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say


7. Sassoon's lawyers want to continue the contract with Procter & Gamble.


A Right В Wrong С Doesn't say




2.3.1. (5 x 2 points) Business documents. Read the personal assistant's notes and the business card below. Complete the request form.Write a word or phrase (in CAPITAL LETTERS) or a number on lines 1- 5 in the box.


5 July 2010

7.15 p.m.

Phone call from Mr Wilson

Tomorrow morning, first thing:

- Send off form to insurance company, ask for information on company health scheme. Put Mr Wilson's name and details on form.


• Mr W has his own personal insurance cover

Renewal month - February.

• Put 'Not applicable' for date of birth

Mr W’s evening tel no 01597 74822



FORWARD CONSULTANTS Unit 14 Kerryway Business Estate Freemans Road Parktown PT3 0HY Phone: 01584 789 914 Fax: 01584 789926 Jeremy Wilson Managing Director  


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