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Task 1 Read the text about Peter Marks. Are the sentences 1-7 “Right”(A) or “Wrong”(B)?

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Всероссийская олимпиада школьников, I (школьный) этап, 2012-2013 уч.год

Английский язык, 7-8 классы

Задания для участника

Section 1

LISTENING - 5 баллов

Listen to an interview with two musicians, Suzie and Guy, from the band Style. For questions 1-5 choose the best answer A, B or C

Why do Suzie and Guy feel tired?

A. They have travelled a lot this year.

B. They have just their new album out.

C. They have partied a lot.

What was special about the song Mean Street?

A. It was Suzie`s first hit record.

B. It was Guy`s first hit record.

C. It was very popular in 1995.

How long have Suzie and Guy been together as Style?

A. Since 2000

B. Since 1995

C. Since 1997

What musical instrument can Suzie play?

A. Drums

B. Guitar

C. keyboards

What country haven`t they been to?

A. Italy

B. Japan

C. America



Section 2

READING -12 баллов

Task 1 Read the text about Peter Marks. Are the sentences 1-7 “Right”(A) or “Wrong”(B)?

If there is not enough information to answer “Right”(A) or “Wrong”(B), choose “Doesn`t say”(C). for questions 1-7 mark A,B,or C on the answer sheet.



Peter Marks: Press Officer Peter Marks is the press officer for a top football club. If a television or newspaper journalist wants to know anything about the club, Peter gives them the information. “ At the age of 10 I wanted to play football for England! But I studied science at university, and then got a job on a daily newspaper, writing about business and sport. I`ve worked for this club for eight years. When I started, only one other football club had a press officer – now almost every club has one. The job has changed a lot. At the beginning I just gave information to a few local and national newspapers. Today my phone never stops ringing! Magazines, TV companies and radio stations from all over the world want interviews with our players and manager. Often, journalists or photographers ask to meet a player here. That`s why my office is next to club changing room – it`s easy for me to find players when they`ve finished practicing. Newspapers sometimes say things about football clubs that are wrong, so I teach all our players how to answer difficult questions. Then I`m happy to let them speak to journalists without me.”  

When he was a boy, Peter hoped to become a footballer.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn`t say

Peter did a degree in business studies when he left school.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn`t say

Peter was a journalist for eight years.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn`t say

When he started this job, Peter had less to do than he has now.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn`t say

Peter can speak several foreign languages.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn`t say

Peter knows where the players are at the club if anybody wants to speak to them there.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn`t say

When the footballers talk to journalists, Peter answers any difficult questions for them.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn`t say

Task 2

5 баллов

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