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About English weather

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England is an island country and its territory isn't very large. That's why there is no wide range of climatic conditions in this country. There are some features common to the climate of this country as a whole: the climate is mild, wet and the weather is changeable.

The weather really very often changes in England. You can seldom have the same kind of weather for a long time. This is because of the Atlantic Ocean. The winds blowing from the Atlantic bring plenty of rain to the island.

Summer sometimes happens to be hot but not very often. More often sunshine and rain follow each other so many times during the day that it is better not to leave your raincoat at home. Sometimes summer months are rather cold. One can never depend on the weather. So, most people plan to go abroad for the summer holidays, to France or somewhere on the Continent.

As to winter, it is generally mild. The English winter on the whole is not as severe as the Russian winter. They never have very low temperatures there. However here again we must say about the weather changeability. In winter they have all sorts of weather. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it snows and they also have fog and frost, but they never have much snow and many frosty days there.

Spring is a lovely season of the year in England. However, they sometimes have really cold days when it is raining and cold winds are blowing from the north.

When autumn comes, of course, they get a great deal of rain; the weather is very damp and rather nasty.

The most unpleasant aspect of English weather is fog and smog. This is extremely bad in big towns and especially in London, where fogs can be very unpleasant and they can stop traffic.

So we say that English weather on the whole is not exceptionally good. It's very damp, they have a great deal of rain and the English summer is usually disappointing.

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