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Additional measures

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1. In addition to the measures set out in Articles 14-19 of the present Convention each State Party to the extent possible and consistent with its legal system shall take legislative, administrative and other effective measures to promote the conscientiousness of the activities of private military and security companies and their personnel.

2. Each State Party shall take measures to ensure the effectiveness of actions of its bodies in the sphere of prevention and detection of offences by private military and security companies and prosecution for them including the provision of sufficient independence to such bodies to prevent illegal influence on their activities.

3. The States Parties shall consider the possibility of broadening and exchange of the analytical knowledge on the activities of private military and security companies among each other through international and regional organizations. To this purpose in the appropriate situations general definitions, standards and methodology should be elaborated.

4. Each State Party shall consider the possibility of exerting control over its politics and practical measures for regulating the activities of private military and security companies as well as carrying out assessment of their efficiency and effectiveness.

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