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Exercise 1

Exercise 18 | Exercise 25 | Exercise 27 | Exercise 28 | Exercise 30 | Exercise 36 | Exercise 39 | Exercise 3 | Appearances are deceptive. It is a common truth; practically everyone has met at least someone whosecharacter and appearance differ radically. | Young Archimedes |

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Match the words on the left with the meaning on the right.


1. curious A. thinking deeply about something

2. listless B. having no energy or enthusiasm

3. tolerant C. having or showing good reasoning power

4. pensive D. allowing other people to say and do what

5. intellectual they think is right even if one doesn't

6. tyrannical agree with it

7. patient E. being able to stay calm and not get


G. unusual and interesting

F. acting cruelly and unjustly towards the

people who one controls


1. totter A. make fun of somebody, deliberately

2. bully embarrass somebody

3. tease B. walk in an unsteady way

4. stir C. delight, bewitch, charm somebody

5. enchant D. care lovingly and tenderly

6. cherish E. think about something a lot seriously and

7. brood often unhappily

F. excite somebody, make one react with a

strong emotion

G. use one's strength or power to hurt or

frighten somebody


1. gap A. the state of being unable to

2. skilunderstand something l

3. com B. mental preference, liking panion

4. inte C. the ability to understand and learnlligence

5. prethings dilection

6. mis D. a great difference between twochief

7. incomprehension E. ability to do something well

F. someone who you spend time with

G. naughty behaviour of children,

eagerness to have fun by playing

tricks or by embarrassing people

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