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Africa, China and the Islamic world

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China is a monocultural country, just like African nations and a majority of countries in the Islamic world. Everyone who has travelled and lived in Africa knows that all African nations, with the exception of perhaps South Africa, are monocultural nations and they are very racist towards all Europeans. I have personally experienced overwhelming discrimination from the first second I set my foot in Kenya, Côte d'Ivoire and Liberia. And you really don’t have to travel to African nations to comprehend this as it is a widely known truth. Talk to ANY European visitor to Africa and ask if he would want to settle there with his family and the answer would be “no”. This is primarily due to discrimination. The same can be said about China and the Islamic world. While a significant number of citizens in Islamic or Muslim countries are directly hostile to Europeans, Chinese are usually just after your money. It is unbearable to live the rest of your life in a country where there is a constant and an overwhelming danger of being “Shanghaied”. My stepmother was the Norwegian Vice Counsul in Shanghai and I know several Europeans working there. They are willing to “cope” for the duration of their company term, as the pay is good, but they would never settle there permanently with their families. I remember when I was in Shanghai a few years ago. During my three week stay I had more than 10 people asking me to take a photograph with them. Apparently, the Nordic appearance is a relatively rare sight, especially for rural Chinese visiting the big cities during their vacation. While this can be a charming and even a flattering experience, having a mob of people constantly glaring at you all day long is a psychological burden. An example is when I went to Mc Donalds with my friend, Xun. He is a Norwegian Chinese btw and he was my partner at one point, in Oslo, when I day traded actively. He taught me advanced Chinese candlestick/MACD strategies in relation to stock analysis. Anyway, at Mc Donalds as with anywhere, it is not likely that you will enjoy your meal when you have 50 Chinese constantly glaring at you. During my stay in Shanghai there were 5 attempts to Shanghai me (they target Europeans), one was unfortunately successful (30 Euro demanded for a simple 1 Euro dish).


As for China on a state level, they actively use demographical warfare against Tibet and areas populated by Muslim Uyghurs. China is a monocultural country, just like African nations and a majority of countries in the Islamic world.


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