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Comprehension Check. Exercise 1.Complete the statements given below by choosing the right

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Exercise 1.Complete the statements given below by choosing the right


1. By the beginning of the 20th century the population of New York had reached

a) two million people b) over three and a half million

c) five million people

2. The first sky-scraper had

a) thirteen stories b) ten stories c) 100 stories

3. Manhattan solved the problem of accomodation by

a) expanding b) extending c) building up

4. Though the population of New York has stabilized the city continues

a) to build up b) to expand c) to construct and distruct itself

5. The population of New York consists of

a) many nations and national minorities b) born Americans

c) mostly of Jews and Italians


Exercise 2.Look at the text and find words and phrases which mean

opposite to


similar build up poor market majority

low speed precisely destroy easy


Exercise 3.Look at the text and find compound words in it. Translate

them into Russian and use in the sentences of your own.


Exercise 4.Arrange the jumbled text given below.


1. The visitor may be photographed astride a stuffed bucking bronco or, on a Victorian tin-type picture, in the authentic costume of the Gold Rush era - a relic of Bygone Days.

2. Founded in 1858 with discovery of gold at the junction of South Platte River and Cherry Creek, Denver rapidly became the supply center for mining camps in nearby mountains. It remains the largest distribution center in the region extending from Canada to Mexico.

3. Today it is a city, where a nineteenth-century past blends, architecturally, with a skyscraping present. The saloons - the Grubstake Inn, the Glory Hole - have reopened their doors to the tourists. One is disguised as a mine, complete with pit-props and sacking. In another, behind “the only original swimming doors in the country”, tinkles an ancient mechanical piano.

4. Denver - the “Mile High City” (from the sea, not the ground) is the “capital” of the Rockies - the terminus, a century ago, of the Colorado Gold Rush. In those pioneer days it was a rough shack settlement, where it was usual enough to see a man being hanged in the public square, after a trial by the citizens, for murdering his mate with an axe.

5. Since World War II, Denver has become center for smokeless industries. A tourist mecca, it is a gateway to vast recreational areas, including major winter sports resorts and more mountains than Switzerland. Until recently, buildings were limited to 12 stories. In the last 20 years or so buildings of up to 42 stories have been erected, with a 50-story building started in 1970.


Exercise 5.Speak on some other American city. Use the words and phrases from the two texts.



Oral Practice


Asking for Information. Hotel Accomodation



Questions Replies

1. How much does a single room cost? 1. It costs 29 pounds.

2. And a double room? 2. We’ve got a double room with twin

beds for 39 pounds and with a

double bed just for the same price.

3. Have the rooms got private 3. Yes, the rooms have bathrooms.


4. Do you offer full board or half 4. Sorry, only bed and breakfast.


5.Do you offer English breakfast 5. Both. And there is a car park.

or continental one?

6. Can I make a reservation? 6. - Yes, certainly.

- No, sorry, we are full.

7. Do I have to register? 7. - Yes, please. Here are your keys.


Exercise 1.Learn the dialogues by heart and make dialogues of your

own using the patterns.


Peter: Hello, is it the Magnolia Hotel?

Receptionist: Yes, it is. Can I help you?

Peter: Yes, could I make a reservation?

Receptionist: Certainly, sir. Do you want a single or a double room?

Peter: I’d like a single room, en suite, for three days starting from


Receptionist: That’s fine. You are welcome.



Ben: How were your holidays?

Susan: Fine, thanks.

Ben: Was the accomodation satisfactory?

Susan: Yes, I had a single, ensuite.

Ben: And what about the food?

Susan: It was half-board, the English breakfast and an excellent dinner.

I didn’t need a lunch in fact. You know these huge English

breakfasts of bacon and eggs, beans, mushrooms and the like.

Ben: And how about the price?

Susan: It was quite reasonable.

Exercise 2.Role-play: you want to stay somewhere in the country.

You don’t know anything about the hotels there. Ring

the Accomodation Agency to ask for help.


Exercise 3.Make a dialogue between a receptionist and a customer at

a two-star and five-star hotels. Ask about all the facilities

(a bar, a restaurant, a swimming pool, etc.) they can offer.


Unit 4

Text 1

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