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Vocabulary and Grammar. Task 11. Put these adjectives into the correct category. ancient bright dark disgusting fascinating portable modern woolen huge round Italian long

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Task 11. Put these adjectives into the correct category.

ancient bright dark disgusting fascinating portable modern woolen huge round Italian long digital yellow new brilliant triangular plastic cotton racing running Spanish square tiny pink wooden


2 – SIZE (and most other qualities)  
3 - AGE ancient
4 - SHAPE  
5 - COLOUR  


Task 12. a) Put the adjectives in the correct order.

1. a / black and white / landscape / photograph


2. a / silk / Japanese / delicate / kimono


3. an / dining / oval / oak / table


4. an / wildlife / African / TV / documentary


5. a / canvas / striped / green and white / umbrella


6. leather / expensive / hand-made / Italian / tennis /shoes


7. a / portable / digital / tiny / camera


8. fair / straight / long / beautiful / hair


9. a / polo-necked / nylon / blue / sweater


10. a / brown / disgusting / huge / coffee / stain


11. a / university / young / good-looking / student


Task 13. Write a sentence describing each of the objects below. Put three adjectives before the noun.

1) a piece of furniture that you have in your house

2) your favourite piece of clothing

3) something you were given as a present once

4) an electronic device that you use most often

5) a decorative item ( e.g. a vase, a painting)

6) a person that you know very well

7) something that you have bought recently

8) something that you don’t like


Task 14. a) Complete the text with the prepositions, if necessary.

On a plane bound _____ New York the flight attendant approached _____ a blonde sitting _____ the first class section and requested that she should move _____ the coach since she did not have a first class ticket. The blond replied, “I’m blonde; I’m beautiful; I’m going to New York; and I’m not moving.” Not wanting to argue _____ a customer, the flight attendant asked _____ the co-pilot to speak _____ her. He went to talk _____ the woman, asking her to move _____ _____ the first class section. Again, the blonde replied, “I’m blonde; I’m beautiful; I’m going to New York; and I’m not moving.” The co-pilot returned _____ the cockpit and asked the captain what he should do. The captain said, “I’m married _____ a blonde, and I know how to handle this.” He went _____ the first class section and whispered _____ the blonde’s ear. She immediately jumped up and ran _____ the coach section mumbling _____ herself, “Why didn’t someone just say so?” Surprised, the flight attendant and the co-pilot asked what he said _____ her that finally convinced her to move _____ her seat. He said, “I told _____ her that the first class section wasn’t going _____ New York.”


Task 15. a) Study the information in the table:

adjective meaning opposite possible combinations
NATURAL existing in nature, not made by man artificial, man-made  
PURE not mixed with anything impure  
GENUINE real; what it seems to be false  
REAL not made up or artificial false  
ARTIFICIAL not natural or real, made by the art of man natural  


b) Put the words into the categories:

flowers, gas, light, pearl, water, minerals, milk, painting, fertilizer,

wool, cotton, teeth, leather, wood, fur, silk

Task 16.a)Fill in the following dialogue with the right form of the modal verb from the box:

have to should must


C. o.: Have you got only one suitcase?

P.: Yes, but I have got also hand luggage.

C.o.: Put your baggage on the belt, please. You’ll _____ open your

traveling bag. What’s this?

P.: It’s a picture. I bought it in a shop in the centre of Moscow.

C.o.: Do you know the Customs regulations on valuables?

P.: I’m not quite sure if I do. What _____ I do?

C.o.: First, you _____ have declared this picture in the declaration form.

P.: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t do that.

C.o.: Second, you _____ have the receipt with the statement “Allowed for

taking out of the Russian Federation” or a permission from the

Ministry of Culture. Do you have any?

P.: I’ve got only the receipt from the shop but there is no statement on it.

C.o.: In this case I’ll _____ detain this picture, I’m sorry.


b) Put the dialogue into Reported speech.


Task 17.a) Fill in the “False Friends” table. Use the dictionary, if necessary.

Russian English “False Friend” Russian
консервы tinned food conserve
магазин shop magazine
рецепт prescription recipe receipt
фабрика factory fabric
  техника engineering technology equipment machinery technique
спекулировать profiteer gamble misuse speculate
конкурс competition concourse

b) Make five sentences in Russian using the words from the table. Ask your partners to translate the sentences.


Task 18. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct Active or Passive form.

CBP officers (to screen) travelers when they (to observe) two 15-year-old boys approaching the vehicle lanes. Each boy (to ride) a bicycle. Both boys (to identify) as Mexican nationals and residents of Sonora, Mexico. The officers (to search) the bicycles and (to find) that the tires of both bicycles (to load) with marijuana. The total weight of marijuana (to be) about 7 pounds with an estimated street value of more than $11,000. CBP officers (to seize) the marijuana and bicycles. The boys (to question) by Immigration officials and then (to release) to the custody of their parents.


Task 19.a) Unscramble these words.

ITREAEGH - _______________

YGOOALTIBR - _______________

IERPRPROOT- _______________

b) Use all three words to make a sentence of your own.


Task 20.a)Make a written translation of the text and think about the title for it.

Most of the antiques on sale in Britain are either stolen or fakes and international legislation has so far “proved toothless” at fighting the problem.

Art and auction houses in London have spent several years tightening security and the Cultural Objects Offences Act made it illegal to trade in goods thought to be tainted. Auction houses are as liable as banks for making sure that they are not being used to launder suspect money and the Art Loss Register, the company with a database of 160,000 stolen items, suggest the number of stolen works being sold at auction has fallen.

One of the most famous fakes acquired by the British Museum was the Crystal Skull, supposedly an Aztec symbol of death, bought in 1897. Recent analysis showed it was cut and polished with a type of rotating wheel used in 19th century Europe.


*“SOTHEBY’S Holding, Inc.” – an art auction firm formed in London in 1744 and America-owned since 1983. Sotheby’s also sponsors art courses and exhibitions, publishes “Preview”, newsletters and catalogues and has art reference books published under its insignia.

**“CHRISTIE’S, Manson & Woods Ltd.” – an art auction house founded in London in 1766 and now represented by offices and sales centers world-wide.


b) Speak about: - the problem the text touches upon;

- the changes in the legislation;

- the measures that should be taken to deal with the problem of

fake antiques.

Task 21. Make a written translation of the text into English.

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