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After reading tasks

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Task 1. Answer the questions


1. What general changes in the aims of education have occurred during the last 5 decades?

2. Are grammar and spelling appreciated in the English teaching nowadays?

3. What is meant by “learning by doing”?

4. How are grammar and communication connected in the English teaching and evaluation?

5. What is “spoon-feeding” in the process of teaching?

6. What is continuous assessment?

7. Who provides educational establishments financially?

8. What do elementary schools focus on?

9. How are the lessons in primary schools organized?

10. What is regarded as a thing from the past?

11. How many subjects can pupils choose after 16?

12. What can students do after Bachelor’s degree?

13. Western education systems have many common features. What are they?


Task 2. Make the phrases complete. Translate them into Russian.

Para 1

1. ___________education system

2. _________similar

3. education in general__________ to

4. ________ features

5. to give a ________ overview

6. it should be______in mind / to _______ in mind

7. to be __________ the scope of

Para 2

8. __________ aims

9. _______ the past five decades

10. to ______ higher marks

Para 3

11. to _________ from the school curriculum

12. the result was ________ on the impression it made

13. as a ________ to an end

14. for its own ________

15. to _______ high score

16. _____________ of knowledge

Para 4

17. to fit in with the _______ of education

18. in a ___________ way

19. to __________ for the wide ________ of personalities

Para 5

20. ___________ assessment

Para 6

21. the ______ source of funds

22. the proportion of private school ________.

23. to _________ in major public exams

Para 8

24. basic ________ and _________ skills

25. students are __________ to spend a lesson …

26. to sit in ___________ lines of desks

27. to make __________ efforts

28. to _________ that the studying _____________ is bright

29. to follow a set ____________

30. to __________ to the next grade

Para 9

31. work gets more __________

32. to some __________

33. until quite _________

34. to __________ breadth of knowledge

Para 10

35. this boils ________ to …

36. academically ___________



Task 3. Complete the sentences with the proper phrases from the list above

1. System of secondary education is _____broadly similar____________ in all European countries.

2. In addition to resulting exams _____continious assessment___________ is used in the majority of universities.

3. Probably in the next 50 years some subjects that children study nowadays will __________be removed from the school curriculum_____________________.

4. Unfortunately in Ukraine government is not ______the main source of funds________________ for universities and many students have to pay for their education.

5. Pupils in the Russian schools do not stay in one classroom throughout the day. They ________________are timetabled to spend lessons__________________ in different specialized rooms.

6. In the Russian schools pupils can’t move freely around the classroom during the lesson. They ______________sit in regimented lines________________.

7. Theoretical information as well as the practical ________application of knowledge_____________________ are vital parts of the curriculum.

8. In primary school walls of classrooms are usually decorated with diverse posters _________to ensure that studyng environment is bright__________________________________.

9. In the Ukrainian and Russian universities students study a great variety of subjects as these systems of education _________to favour breadth of knowledge________________.

10. __________academically inclined________________ people can continue their education applying for Master’s degree.


Grammar: Passive voice

Stop and check 1. Grammar.

II. Homeschooling


1. Comment on the following quotations:


1. A child educated only at school is an uneducated child. (George Santayana)


2. I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. (Mark Twain)


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