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IELTS Cue Card Sample 19

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"Describe a friend who you really like to spend time with."

You should say:
• When and how you met.
• How often do you see this friend.
• What kind of personality your friend has

and say why do you like spending time with this particular person?

Follow-up Questions:
• Is friendship important in your culture? How many close friends can you have?
• Are friends more important than family?
• What are the important things among good friends?
• Do you have any friends from foreign country?
• What are the difference between real life friends and pen friends?

Possible answer:
The friend I like to spent time with is Steven. I met him when I was only 8 years old and was in primary school. After that our intimacy grew up and we became best friends. One day he forgot to bring his book in school and that day I helped him with my expire books. After that we talked for a long after school and our friendship started to begin. We went to college together and then got admitted in different Universities. Since we were studying in the same city, we can meet each other and spend time together.

We are yet to finish our graduation and busy with our own stuffs but whenever we get vacation we spend time together. Since our hometown is same, we go there together and thus we meet each other at least twice in a month. He is a helpful and talented friend who helps people and always wished best for people. He is studying Mathematics and he has a talent in Mathematics. Sometimes he explains some complex mathematical theories in a very simple and interesting way. He is passionate about reading books and that makes a good bonding with me. We often exchange our thought and criticism about books and politics.

I like to spend time with him because we have many common interests between us. I never feel bored spending time with him. Since we are friends for a long time, we understand each other. A good friend always extends helping hands when in need and I've found Steven by my side always. We do so many fun stuffs together and help each other in our study. Good friendship, understanding and common interests makes us close friends and those are the major factors for what I like to spend time with his.

Tips for answering this cue card topic:

This cue card should be an easy one as you would already know a lot about a friend you would like to talk about. Topics like 'Describe a museum needs some brainstorming, remembering things about a museum and then organizing answers for this topic. But when you are asked to talk about a friend, you already know a lot. All you need to do is focus on the questions asked and then answer the questions in details.

For this cue card, tell the name of a friend. Remember that you have picked a friend to talk about that means s/he is a very close and special friends of yours. Talk about for how long you two are friends, how you met him and how your friendship started.

Then say the things you two do together, why you like him/her, how is he/she and why you like to spend time with him.

Following are some hints on the questions asked in this cue card topic.

When and how you met:
Answer from your experience. If you are out of idea, you can say:
You met him/her at the school, S/he is your neighbor and you two met in a family occasion, you met him/her in a playground while playing, you met him/her in a relative’s house, you met him/her in a situation when s/he needed help and you were there to help or the vice versa, you can also mention you met at college/university or even all of a sudden in a shopping mall/ auditorium/ park. Sometimes friendship starts from fights and quarrel and for this you can mention that you had a fight in an issue but later you two become close.

A friend can be an online friend whom you have met only few times or may be never met. In this scenario your friendship can start from an online chat-room or from a social networking platform.

How often do you meet?
To answer this question you need to focus on the previous question and the context. If you talk about a friend who lives in the same street or study / work with you then you would meet him daily. If you pick a friend from your hometown where you no longer live, then your meeting frequency would be 2-5 times a year or so. For online friends whom you have never met, simply say that you have never mate him/her in person but you talk/ chat over internet almost every day.

What kind of personality your friend has:
For this question, say that s/he is very friendly, helpful and caring. S/he values your friendship and always raises a helping hand. For his/her personality, say that s/he is talented, creative and has an attractive personality. Also mention that s/he is understanding and well-behaved. For online friend, mentioning personality is bit tough as you might have never met him/her. In this case, say that s/he is caring and have positive attitudes and his/her opinion on different issues seems very well thought and positive. Mention something s/he does for the benefits or others and you were attracted to some of his activities.

Why do you like spending time with this particular person?
Naturally people like to spend time with people who have common interest and have positive attitudes. So you should mention what common interests you have and what you do together (for online friends, say the topics you discuss and share). Also you can say you have learned many positive things from him/her and you two have a great understanding. Also say that s/he is a good friend who is ready to support you no matter what and has already advised you or helped you in different issues.

Your preparation for this cue card topic should also help you answering the following topics:

Talk about a childhood friends you remember. 2. Describe a friend from your hometown. 3. Describe one of your online friends. 4. Describe an activity you do with your friends. 5. Describe a friend you like to spend time with. 6. Talk about a friend who helped you once. 7. Talk about a friend whom you helped. 8. Describe a friend from your college/ university.9. Talk about a friend whom you met accidentally.


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