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Exercises. 1. Translate into Russian: • Pubs are frendly and re­laxed places. a simple meal in most pubs many serve coffee • bread

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1. Translate into Russian:

• Pubs are frendly and re­laxed places. a simple meal in most pubs many serve coffee • bread, cheese and pickle the owners of pubs at lunchtime in busy areas


2. Underline the answers true to the text:

• Are pubs very popular places in Britain? Yes, they are. No, they are not. It's not quite clear from the text.
• What is the most popular drink in pubs? Beer. Wine. Tea.
• Can visitors also have a meal in a pub? Yes, they can. No, they cannot. It's not clear from the text.
• What is a ploughman? Bread and cheese. Cheese and salad. Bread, cheese and pickle.
• When are pubs usually open? At night only. In the afternoon only. At lunchtime and in the even­ing.


• Who legulates the working hours of pubs? The government. Nobody The owners.
• When are pubs usually open in busy areas? Till midnight. All night long. Till eleven in the evening.


Sum up what the text said about pubs.

4. Use the verbs in the right forms:

One day David Hill (to invite) a few participants to a pub. The participants (to be happy) to satisfy their curiosity and they (to accept) the invitation willingly. In the evening they (to go) to the nearest pub.

5. Make sentences:

• The pub looks nice
This place    


• I sometimes come here with my friends
  often   my wife
  usually   my son
      my daughte


• Let me buy you a drink some beer
  some wine
    some lager some bittel


6. Say in what way the following questions are formed:

What would you like to have?

Would you like the game of darts?

Can you show me how to play the game?

7. Complete the dialogues and act out similar ones:

— This looks...

— I like... I sometimes come here... Let me buy... What would you...?

— Thank you. Just... Well, two halves... and lager, if you...

— Two halves... And four packs...

— Seven...

— Here... Thank...

— Let's go to... Cheers!

— Ah,... beer, indeed.

— I'm not a beer... but... Would you like the game...? It's very...

— Yes, but... Can you...

— Certainly, come... You...

Повелительное наклонение

Imperative Mood

Утвердительная форма 2-ел. Speak English, please. 1-е л. мн. ч. Let's speak English. Отрицательная форма Don't speak Russian. Don't let's speak Russian now.


8. Translate into Russian:

• Let's translate it into Russian. Make sentences. • Complete the dialogue. Act out similar dialogues. Open the brackets.


• Let's do this exercise. Don't let's read this text. • Let's read it again. Look up this word! Let's see this film! • Let's visit one of the pubs


Write down a few questions you would ask an Englishman about pubs.

ü you would ask — которые бы вы задали

10. Agree or disagree:

• There are a few English pubs in Moscow.

• Beer is a very popular drink in many European countries.

• Beer originated in North America.

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