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Look at the family tree and complete the sentences below.

Uses of the –ing form. | Translate into English using gerunds. | Translate into English. | Make up the dialogue/sentences using the following words and word combinations. | Translate into English. |

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  Albert & Mary Dodds  
John = Susan Jill = Paul Barry = Sheila
Eve Ann     Timothy Tom

1. John is Jill’s ________________________.

2. Timothy is Jill’s ________________________.

3. Eve and Ann are Timothy’s ________________________.

4. Eve is Sheila’s ________________________.

5. Albert Dodds is Tom’s ________________________.

6. Barry is Eve’s ________________________.

7. Susan is Timothy’s ________________________.

8. Paul is Jill’s ________________________.

9. Tom is Mary’s ________________________.

10. Ann is Susan’s ________________________.



Fill in the correct member of the family. Keep to this family tree.

Who am I?

1. My father is 64 years old. His name is Tom.

2. My ______ is 62. Her name is ______.

3. I have got a ______, she is 37.

4. My ______ is 40. He is married and has two ______.

5. I have got two ______, too.

6. My ______ is called ______. She is 17 years old.

7. My ______ is called Joe. He is married.

8. His ______ is called ______, just like my ______.

9. Do you know who I am? My name is ______.



Draw your family tree. Then write as much as you know about all members of your family.



Translate into English.

батько та мати дідусь та бабуся двоюрідний брат неповна родина брат сестра дядько тітка чоловік дружина зять невістка прадід правнук правнучка тесть та теща близькі родичі далекі родичі племінник племінниця



Give the English equivalents.

1. сестра моєї тещі 2. дідусь її тітки 3. брат їх дядька 4. батько твоєї дружини 5. син його бабусі 6. свекруха його дружини 7. діти мого племінника 8. чоловік вашої дочки 9. зять її дідуся 10. племінниця мого онука


neither … nor … ні … ні … She is neither tall nor short.
both … and … і … і … I like both tea and coffee.
either … or … чи … чи … Take either a pen or a pencil and write it down.




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