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Here are 12 words that appeared in Unit 4 and the explanation to them. Find the words according to their explanation.

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  6. B) Think of situations or microdialogues consisting of a statement (or a question) and a reply to it using the words mentioned above.
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CAREFUL! Two words are NOT used!


handle standby silence
remove runway drug
alert landing destination
loose jumbo jet cause

a) state of readiness;

b) not held; not fastened; not fixed;

c) be something that produces an effect that makes something happen;

d) act of a plane coming;

e) absence of sound; condition of being quiet or silent;

f) take something away, off or out;

g) prepared surface on which planes take off and land;

h) substance used for pleasure or for medical purposes to remove pain or anxiety;

i) fully awake and ready to act, speak;

j) place to which a person or thing is going or is being sent.



continuously cartridge police
loudspeaker terrorist truck
wheels huge flight
roughly shut noise

a) very large in size or amount;

b) if you do it you close; cause something open to close;

c) without break;

d) open special car for heavy goods;

e) official organization whose job is to keep public order, prevent or solve crime;

f) person who supports or participates in terrorism;

g) action or process of flying through the air;

h) sound, especially when it is loud, unpleasant, confused or unwanted;

i) without great accuracy; approximately;

j) the same as ‘gears’.


bumpy on board excess baggage
fasten departure trolley
move permission customs officer
customs headphones duty free

a) government department that collects taxes payable to the Government on goods imported from other countries;

b) amount of luggage that is over the weight that may be carried free on an aircraft;

c) fix something firmly;

d) on an aircraft;

e) two- or four-wheeled handcart;

f) person who examines one’s luggage at an aircraft;

g) (of goods) that can be imported without payment of customs duties;

h) radio or telephone receivers held over the ears by a band fitting over the head;

i) be in motion, or change position or place;

j) act of allowing somebody to do something.

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