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  1. A good teacher treats his students with ...
  2. B) Ask your fellow-students to give their responses.
  3. B) Record your reading. Play the recording back immediately for your teacher and your fellow-students to detect your errors. Practise the dialogue for test reading.
  4. B) Write sentences of your own using the phrases in bold type. Address them to the other students who should reply them expressing their approval or disapproval.
  5. D) Make up a talk with a fellow-student, using phrases from the dialogue above.

A nurse takes care of people who are sick. She must learn how to take good care of sick people. A nurse must be a good student at school. She should be healthy herself, eat on time, get plenty of rest and exercises and practice good personal hygiene. She should be a happy person and should like people. When she is a student nurse, she wears a uniform. She is proud of her uniform and keeps it spotless so she always looks professional.

During her practice she gives patients medicine and brings them meals. Sometimes she works in the operating room, helping the doctor, who does a surgery on a patient.

She helps people to walk and takes them in a wheel-chair. She loves to work in the nursery, where she helps to take good care of babies. Sometimes she reads or plays with small children so they won't be afraid of the hospital. She tries to improve by studying hard.


3. Post-reading activities

3.1 Comprehension. Are the sentences true or false?

Correct false statements.

1. A nurse must take care of her patients.

2. Men can't be nurses.

3. Students study at medical college to take good care of sick people.

4. A nurse must be healthy and eat on time.

5. Patients get plenty of rest and exercises, practice personal hygiene.

6. A nurse is proud of her uniform.

7. During practice a nurse gives ill people a wheel-chair.

8. In the nursery she helps babies.

9. She reads and plays with babies.

10. She must not become a better person by herself.


3.2 Answer the questions.

l. What must a nurse do?

2. Where does she go to become a nurse?

3. Must she be a good student at college?

4. What does she wear at college?

5. Does she work in the operating-room or in the surgical department?

6. Where does she help babies?

7. Why must a nurse study hard?

8. When does she look professional?

9. Who is not afraid of a hospital?

10. What does a nurse try to do?


3.3 Read and memorize some good rules for nurses:


l. Read the order of the doctor before you give medicine.

2. If you made a mistake in your work you must tell the doctor about it at once.

3. Do not be rude when you speak with patients.

4. Learn to control your feelings. When you are angry, count to a hundred.

5. Don't gossip about your patients.

6. Never say the word "incurable" (невиліковний).

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