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Florence Nightingale

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The Nightingales were wealthy and could live wherever they wanted. When William Nightingale married, he and his beautiful bride toured Europe and visited many cities. On May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy, their first child was born and they called their daughter Florence. Later the family lived most of the time in London, England. During her childhood and youth Florence was chiefly interested in taking care of poor people in hospitals; her dream was to become a nurse.

At the age of seventeen she was presented to Queen Victoria; with her sister she toured Italy, Germany and France where she learned the languages of those nations. In Germany Florence entered the nurse institute for a three-month training course. When she was 34 Florence became the Head of the hospital in London. She organized the work of medical nurses very well there. The Sponsors of the hospital were very pleased with her.

During the war in the Crimea, Florence and her nurses took care of the wounded and dying. They brought order and cleanliness into the army hospitals. In England she was asked to organize an army hospital reform. She returned to her native land to popularize nurses' uniforms and the nursing institutes.

The fame of F. Nightingale spread and throughout the world she was known as the "Lady of the Lamp". Today all Nurse Training centers exist due to Florence Nightingale's first institute. She also wrote a practical book entitled Notes on Nursing.

She had much to do with bringing the Red Cross into army medical activities. Florance Nigntingale lived to be very old and on August 13, 1910 at the age of ninety she died.


3. Post-reading activities

3.1 Suggest the Ukrainian equivalents:

were wealthy; lived most of the time; was chiefly interested; learned the languages; a three-month training course; organized the work of medical nurses; nurses' uniforms; throughout the world; army medical activities.


3.2 Suggest the English equivalents:


відвідала багато міст; у дитинстві; турбота про бідних людей; стати медсестрою; вступила до медсестринського інституту; очолила лікарню; організувати реформу військових госпіталів; написала довідник; Червоний Хрест.


3.3 Answer the questions to the text:

1. When and where was Florence Nightingale born? 2. Where did the family live most of the time? 3. What was Florence chiefly interested in? 4. What institute did Florence enter in Germany? 5. Who did Florence and her nurses take care of during the war in the Crimea? 6. Why did she return to her native land? 7. When did Florence Nightingale die?


3.4 Say if it is true or false:

1. The parents called their daughter Florence after her birthplace.

2. The family lived most of the time in Italy.

3. When she was 34 Florence became the Head of the hospital in London.

4. In England she was asked to popularize nurses' uniforms.

5. She also wrote a practical book entitled “Nursing”.

6. Florence Nightingale had much to do with bringing the Red Cross into army medical activities.

7. During the war in Europe, Florence and her nurses took care of the wounded and dying.


3.5 Read the text Florence Nightingaleattentively and do the tests:

1. Florence Nightingale was born in ...
a) a poor family b) a rich family c) a middle class family

2. She was named after … .
a) her grandmother b) a queen c) her birthplace

3. Florence had always wanted to become ... .
a) a nurse b) a teacher c) a doctor

4. She received her nurse's training in ... .
a) England b) Germany c) Italy

5. At the age of 34 Florence became ... .
a) a nurse b) the Head of a hospital c) a doctor

6. Florence Nightingale and her nurses worked in army hospitals during a ... .
a) war in Africa b) war in the Balkans c) war in the Crimea

7. For her work Florence became well-known throughout ... .
a) Europe b) England c) the world

8. In Englandshe was asked to organize ... .
a) The Red Cross b) an army hospital reform c) the network of hospitals

9. Florence Nightingale did much to popularize ... .
a) nursing institutes b) medical training o f doctors

c) system of nursing

10. Thanks to Florence Nightingale's work army medical activities were continued in … .
a) the United Nations b) the Red Cross c) the British Parliament

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