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A good teacher treats his students with ...

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  3. B) Write sentences of your own using the phrases in bold type. Address them to the other students who should reply them expressing their approval or disapproval.
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A) Respect;

B) Laziness;

C) Opportunities;

D) Beauty;

E) Friendship;

333 From lesson to lesson students … their knowledge

A) Improve;

B) Get;

C) Forget;

D) Give away;

E) Take.

334 Learning a foreign language is a long…

A) Process;

B) Labour;

C) Curriculum;

D) Tuition;

E) Practice.

335 You can’t speak English well if you don’t know…

A) Grammar rules.

B) The English customs and traditions;

C) Some special words;

D) Spelling;

E) The English culture;

336 Usually it takes the students long to read English book in …

A) The original;

B) The university;

C) The bus;

D) Adopted version;

E) The street.

337 To know English today is absolutely … for every educated man.

A) Necessary;

B) Curious;

C) Interesting;

D) Useless;

E) Intellectual.

338 You’ll fail in your English if you…

A) Miss many lessons;

B) Read books;

C) Attend many lessons;

D) Learn grammar rules;

E) Know the spelling.

339 There are … terms in British universities.

A) 3.

B) 2;

C) 1;

D) 5

E) 4;

340 It is never too late to … knowledge.

A) Get;

B) Speak;

C) Go;

D) Marry;

E) Love.

341 How often do our students take exams?

A) Twice a year;

B) Once a month;

C) Once a year;

D) Twice a term;

E) Twice a session.

342 “To read up for an exam” means.

A) Готовиться к экзамену;

B) Читать книги;

C) Приходить на экзамен;

D) Провалить экзамен;

E) Сдать экзамен.

343 Part-time students study at the university…

A) Every day;

B) Once a week;

C) During the sessions;

D) During the term;

E) Once a year.

344 You will have no problems with the subject if you ….

A) Attend classes;

B) Miss classes;

C) Go in for sports;

D) Help somebody;

E) Have much money.

345 At the end of each term teachers … the students .

A) Examine;

B) Play computer games;

C) Joke with;

D) Work with;

E) Teach.

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