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A) be anxious, worry, trouble, bother.

1. She always... when she doesn't get my letters for a long time. 2. The letter that informed us of her unexpected departure greatly... me. 3. I knew that he would willingly help me, but I didn't like to... him. 4. Don't...! Dinner will be ready on time. 5. The child is very weak, and I can very well understand that it... you. 6. Don't... about the taxi. I'll get you home in my car. 7. I felt that he didn't pay any at­tention to what Iwas saying. I decided that he... about something. 8. I shouldn't like to... you with my tiresome af­fairs. 9. The climate is very bad there, and I... about her health. 10. I'm sorry to...you, but I need his address badly.

b) anxiousand its derivatives:

1. What are you so... about? 2. Her... face was pale. 3, We were full of... and worry. 4. Michael was... to find a job. 5. I was... waiting for his answer. 6. His... for success made him many enemies. 7.... makes people older.

с) attend and its derivatives:

1. From the age of seven till seventeen I... school. 2. The... at lectures has fallen off. 3. In this hotel you will be well... on. 4. Your... is requested.

d) entertain and its derivatives:

1. Who(m) are you... at dinner tonight? 2. His jokes didn't... us much. 3. The play was not very... 4. Do you know any places of... in this town? 5. Do they often...?

IX. Translate these sentences into Russian:

1. What makes you think he knows the truth? — Every­thing. His look. The way he talked at dinner. 2. She smiled in that charming way of hers. 3. He spoke on one note. It gave Kitty the impression that he was speaking from a long way off. 4. He had particularly congratulated us on the way we had done the difficult job. 5. I didn't know which way to look. 6. I really can't get used to the new ways. 7. Is that the way you feel towards us? 8. She threw my slippers into my face. She behaved in the most outrageous way. 9. Isabel didn't want to stand in Larry's way. 10. Sophie pushed her way through the dancers and we lost sight of her in the crowd. 11. I made way for him to go up the stairs. 12. Suzanne's mother could hardly live on her pension with prices the way they were. 13. They had been to Chartres and were on their way back to Paris. 14. I saw the waiter threading his way through the ta­bles. 15. The room had a narrow iron bed and by way of furni­ture only the barest necessities.

X. Translate these sentences into English, using the word way.

1. Детям не разрешали ходить одним на озеро. Но они однаж­ды сделали по-своему и все-таки пошли туда, не сказав никому ни слова. По дороге домой они чуть не заблудились. К счастью, они встретили старого лесничего (forester), который помог им добрать­ся домой. 2. Она рассказала об этом весело, в своей обычной оча­ровательной манере. 3. Не сказав ни слова, он направился к двери. 4. Я не знаю этих мест, не могли бы вы повести нас туда? 5. Какой же выход из положения вы предлагаете? 6. Боюсь, что стол здесь будет вам мешать.

XI. Make up dialogues:

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