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VIII. Speak about the English Department at your University (usе Essential Vocabulary on the topic).

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IX. Make up dialogues, using Essential Vocabulary on the topic Suggested situations:

A. A Russian student and an English student are exchanging information on systems of higher education in their countries.

B. Two students of the English department are discussing their college life. One of them is enthusiastic about everything, the other is a dissatisfied grumbler and finds fault with every little thing.

C. A student of the English department is speaking about the programme and the course of study with a friend of his (hers).

D. A strict father (mother) is demanding an explanation from a son (daughter) after a failure in a college exam. The son is giving all kinds of lame excuses speaking about "overcrowded syllabus", injustice of professors and bad luck in general.

X. a) Bead and translate into Russian:


So this is Oxford. As soon as we emerge into the clean, broad streets, there are signs enough that this is the ancient seat of English learning. Gowns and mortar boards.[52] Young undergraduates in loose black thigh-length gowns. A graduate's gown is generally of knee length and for ceremonial occasions at least, has a hood lined in silk of the colour prescribed by the wearer's faculty.

Oxford's main railway station is some half a mile to the west of the area in which are clustered most of the colleges: Queen's College and University College, Magdalen College and quite a number of others.

All these together make up the University of Oxford.

The central University, in general, arranges lectures for the whole body of students in a particular subject and holds examinations and grants degrees; an individual college provides for residence and tutorials. Great emphasis is laid at Oxford and Cambridge on what are called "tutorials", in which a Don[53] gives personal instruction in his study at least once a week to students numbering not more than four at a sitting.

For a lover of old architecture, Oxford has much to offer. Many of the colleges present a lovely picture of ancient pearl-grey walls, noble towers, picturesque gothic archways. All have grass lawns of velvet smoothness which must be seen to be believed, and many have, in summer, most magnificent displays of flowers.

(After "The British Scene" by George Bidwell)

b) Argue the pros and cons of: 1. Tutorial system. 2. Students' uniform. 3. Residential colleges.

XI. Describe the pictures on p. 183:

XII. Try your hand at teaching:

A. Preparation. Get ready for a talk on one of the following topics:

1. Higher education in Russia.

2. Higher education in Great Britain.

3. Oxford University.

4. Cambridge University.

5. Teacher training in Great Britain and in Russia.

B. Work in Class. Listen to the students' talk and say a few words about the construction of each talk: its beginning, development, conclusion, and the general balance of these parts.

Speak on what you think may surprise a Russian student at an English University (Oxford, Cambridge): a) programme, b) teaching methods, c) students' extra-curricular activities.

Prompts: I think (suppose, guess, believe, dare say)...; Well, my opinion is that...; My view is that...; True, but...; You may be right... but all the same...; I wouldn't say that; But on the other hand.

XIII. Read the text. Comment on its content:

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