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During the interview

How to Ask Smart Questions during an Interview to Help You Land the Job | Discussion. | Choose the correct alternatives to complete the text below. |

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Promptness is very important. Be sure to arrive for an interview at the appointed time. It is usually a good idea, in fact, to arrive ahead of time, since you may be asked to fill out an application before meeting the interviewer. Take along your resume, even if the company already has a copy. For one thing, the interviewer may want another copy; for another, the resume contains most of the information required on an application.

Remember that the interview will actually begin before you are seated. What you wear and how you act will be closely observed. The way you dress matters: it is usually best to dress conservatively and to be well groomed.

Remain standing until you are offered a seat. Then sit up straight – good posture suggests self-assurance – and look at the interviewer, trying to appear relaxed and confident. It is natural to be nervous during an interview, but be careful to remain alert. Listen carefully and make an effort to remember especially important information. Do not attempt to take extensive notes during an interview, although it is acceptable to jot down a few facts and figures.

When answering questions, don’t ramble or stray from the subject. Take a minute to think before you answer difficult question; not only will the time help you collect your thoughts, but it will also make you appear careful in your answer. Say only what you must in order to answer each question and then stop; however, avoid giving just yes and no answers, which usually don’t permit the interviewer to learn enough about you. Some interviewers allow a silence to fall just to see how you will react. The burden of conducting the interview is the interviewer’s, not your – and he or she may interpret it as a sign of security if you rush in to fill a void in the conversation. But if such a silence would make you uncomfortable, be ready to ask an intelligent question about the company.

Highlight your qualifications for the job, but admit obvious limitations as well. Remember also that the job, the company, and the location must right for you. Ask about such factors as opportunity for advancement, fringe benefits (but don’t create the impression that your primary interest is security), educational opportunity and assistance, and community recreational and cultural activities (if the job would require you to relocate).

If the interviewer overlooks important points, bring them up. But if possible, let the interviewer mention salary first. If you are forced to bring up the subject, ask it as a straightforward question. Knowing the prevailing salaries in your field will make you better prepared to discuss salary. It is usually unwise to bargain, especially if you are a recent graduate. Many companies have inflexible starting salaries for beginners.

Interviewers look for self-confidence and an understanding, on the part of the candidate, of the field in which he or she is applying. Less is expected of a beginner, but even a newcomer must show some knowledge of the field. One way to impress your interviewer is to ask questions about the company that are related to your line of work. Interviewers respond favorably to people who can communicate easily and present themselves well. Jobs today require interactions of all kinds: person-to-person, department-to-department, division-to-division.

At the conclusion of the interview, thank your interviewer for his or her time. Indicate that your are interested in the job (if true), and tactfully get an idea of when you can expect to hear from the company.


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