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The Unsinkable Molly Brown

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In Denver there is the home of the "unsinkable Molly Brown." Daughter of a ditchdigger, Molly Brown became wealthy but, despite years of effort, was not accepted by Denver "high society." In 1912, Molly Brown decided to sail the Titanic on its first voyage, because so many rich and famous people would be making the trip.

When the ill-fated ship hit the iceberg that sank it, Molly Brown didn't panic. She loaded people into lifeboats, leaving only when thrown into one herself. When the ship's officer who was in her lifeboat refused to row and moaned that the end was near, Molly Brown took charge. Wearing a fur coat under her life jacket and holding a gun in her hand, she gave orders to row. She told stories about the West and sang songs to keep people's spirits up. When rescued, she said simply, "I'm unsinkable." And, on returning to Denver, she finally received those invitations she'd always wanted! (780)

Ответьте на вопросы:

1. Why wasn't Molly Brown accepted by Denver's "high society"?

2. Where did Molly Brown hope to make friends with rich people?

3. How did she behave when people began to panic?

4. Why did she tell stories and sing songs in the lifeboat?

5. Did she save people in the lifeboat to get invitations from rich people?


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