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Dental phobia: сauses and treatment

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Some people can feel anxiety about visiting a dentist. Most of procedures at dentists don’t make patients feel pain, but being examined itself causes discomfort or even stress. For people having dental phobia even the idea of dental appointment is terrifying. They can invent anything to avoid it. As usual, people fear some situations, object and activity. And it’s normal. But phobia represents an unreasonable fear. And avoiding routine care can be cause of different conditions as, for example, gum infections.

About 15% of Americans have dental phobia. It is a common case. The fear is so intense that people can forget about risk of having early tooth loss, tooth decay or gum disease. It also regards to some emotional costs. Damaged or discolored teeth could hardly improve your self-image. You will be forced to keep your mouth closed and smile less. These problems make person think more about his teeth state feeling timidly to show teeth once again. And little by little your social life begins to suffer.

As oral health influences overall health, the body of people with dental phobia suffers as well. Poor oral hygiene causes a list of conditions as lung infections and heart disease.

There are cases when people with dental phobia have never seen dentist at all. But it can be overcome. If you don’t care about dental phobia treatment, it will become worse and worse. Partly because of feeling emotional stress while dental appointment that makes the situation even more uncomfortable.

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