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Choose the most suitable verb form in each sentence.

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1. I haven’t decided yet about whether to buy a new car or a second-hand one. But I think about it/I’m thinking about it.

2. All right, you try to fix the television! But I hope/I’m hoping you know what you’re doing.

3. Every year I visit/I’m visiting Britain to improve my English.

4. It’s time we turned on the central heating. It gets/It’s getting colder every day.

5. Of course, you’re Mary, aren’t you! I recognize/I’m recognizing you now.

6. The film of “War and Peace” is very long. It lasts/is lasting over four hours.

7. I can see from what you say that your mornings are very busy! But what do you do/are you doing in the afternoons?

8. I’m going to buy a new swimming costume. My old one doesn’t fit/isn’t fitting any more.

9. That must be the end of the first part of the performance. What happens/is happening now?

10. What’s the matter? Why do you look/are you looking at me like that?


  1. Choose the most suitable word or phrase in each sentence.

1. I work in this office all this year/all the time.

2. Emerson is currently/for long top of the driver’s league.

3. I’m not making much money these days/so far this year.

4. The food tastes even worse now/presently. You’ve put too much salt in it.

5. Normally/Previously we get in touch with customers by post.

6. Pete was ill but he is getting over his illness soon/now.

7. I’m feeling rather run down lately/at present, doctor.

8. I always stay on duty since/until 6 o’clock.

9. I’m often/forever picking your hairs out of the bath!

10. Fortunately the baby now/recently sleeps all night.


  1. Decide whether the verb in italics refers to present or future time?

1. Where are you staying on Saturday night? …..

2. George retires at the end of next year. …..

3. What are we doing when the guests arrive? .....

4. I’m trying really hard to understand this book. …..

5. Wait for me here until I get back……

6. Sue is leaving in the morning……

7. I’m waiting for the bus …..

8. I’m off now and I’m taking the car……

9. They are showing a Woody Allen film on Channel 4 tonight. …..

10. I’m going for a walk this evening……


  1. Put each verb in brackets into either the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Continuous.

1. Someone (eat) …..all the cakes. I’ll have to buy some more.

2. What (you buy) ….. your sister for a wedding?

3. My throat is really sore. I (sing) ….. all evening.

4. Brenda (learn) ….. Russian, but she finds it difficult.

5. How many people (you invite) ….. to your party?

6. Those two cats (sit) ….. on that branch for the last hour.

7. It (rain) ….. all day! Why can’t it stop?

8. Diana (wear) ….. twelve different dresses in the past week!

9. I (do) ….. everything you asked. What should I do now?

10. Graham and Pauline (try) ….. to find a house for ages, but they can’t find one they can afford.


  1. Put each verb in brackets into either the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Continuous.

Dear Linda, I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself in Australia. Things at home are the same as usual. Your father (1) …..(work) very hard. Susan (2) ….. (just pass) her driving test. Alex (3) ….. (not/write) for weeks, probably because he (4) ….. (study) very hard for his exams. Uncle Tom (5) ….. (build) a shed in the garden. I think it will be ready next month. Mr. Brown (6) ….. (not/feel) well recently. He (7) ….. (visit) the doctor four times this month. The dog (8) ….. (have) three puppies. Mrs. Smith (9) …..( not/open) her new shop yet. The decorators (10) …..(paint) it for weeks. I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Australia. (11) …..(you/see) the famous Opera House yet? Tina sends her love. Write to me soon.



  1. Fill in with Present Simple, Present Cont., Present Perfect or Present Perfect Cont.

Arthur: I (1) ….. (search) for a house for a week now but so far I (2) ….. (not/find) anything suitable.

Sandra: Why (3) …..(you/want) to move?

Arthur: Well, the people living next to me (4) ….. (be) the main problem. They (5) …..(always/argue),especially at night.

Sandra: Oh, dear! (6) …..(you/ever/complain) to them?

Arthur: Yes, but they (7) …..(not/stop). They (8) …..(keep on) making noise. I (9) …..(not/be able) to sleep well lately, and I (10)….. (feel) sleepy all week.

Sandra: How awful!


  1. Fill in with Present Simple, Present Cont., Present Perfect or Present Perfect Cont.

Tom: (1) ….. (you/see) the state of the kitchen? Someone (2) ….. (wash) clothes in the sink and they are still there!

Fred: Yes, I know. I usually (3) …..(use) the bath, but it (4) ….. (be) too dirty at the mo0ment.

Tom: Why didn’t you clean it? You (5) ….. (live) herefor two months now, and I (6) ….. (never/see) you do any housework.

Fred: What do you mean? I (7) ….. (wash) the dishes at least three times and I always (8) …..( make) my bed.

Tom: Rubbish! You (9) ….. (always/make) a mess and not cleaning up afterwards.

Fred: What about you? You (10) …..(always/drink) my milk!

Tom: Don’t be ridiculous! Where (11) ….. (you/go)?

Fred: Out! I (12) ….. (see) my girlfriend this evening.

Tom: What about the Kitchen?

Fred: Bye!

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