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Subject: the surrounding world around us

Subject: the surrounding world around us

Teacher: Natalia Tsarev

Student: Lyudmila Povazhnaya

Group: DZ 13/14


The world around me is huge. It is not to be around for a lifetime. Not enough no time to learn it all. It combines the most different: the mountains and oceans, deserts, and thick forests, hot tropics and icy tundra. The world is beautiful and horrible at the same time, he is tender and cruel. It has a gentle breeze and a devastating hurricane, a babbling brook and a terrible tsunami.

The most amazing thing in the world around us is life. People, animals, birds, fish, small insects and microbes, which we cannot even be seen without a microscope. Where is the life? What is its essence? She then disappears? Indeed, there is nothing appears from nowhere and disappears into nowhere. This puzzle people can not solve, although fighting over it for thousands of years.

In the world you have everything, even the evil wolves and poisonous snakes. Wolves are bearers of the forest, for example. Every grain of sand is very important. Now the man by his actions in respect of nature upset the delicate balance in the world.

Only people from living beings intelligent enough to think about the world. Often the person remains dissatisfied with it and rebels against him. Many people believe that the world is unfair, because in him there is disease and violence. And even in the world of survival of the fittest, not always the most worthy. Some people even go out of this world according to his will, because disappointed in him.

I personally our world resembles a long and interesting path. A chance to live in peace is a gift, it makes no sense to abandon it. It must be appreciated.

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