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1. Read the following passage and comment on the following quotation: Knowledge is the highest privilege of the day.

Education is among the national priorities in the Republic of Belarus. Current state and development of all its stages are under the permanent attention of President Alexander Luckashenko and the Government.

Compulsory secondary and vocational education, free of charge higher education for majority of students, advanced and developing legislative base are the main features of Belarusian system of education.

After the periods of stagnation and perestroika and the crisis of the beginning of the 90-s, all the quality indicators of the education in the country demonstrate the sustainable growth. Almost everybody in the country is involved in education process since earliest childhood till old age. The last year’s success in national economy restoration and modernization permits to invest more in education. Belarus provides the highest percentage of the national income for education among the CIS countries.

The system of education in the RB is based on national traditions and global trends in education area, which guarantee equal access to all education stages, unification of the requirements, continuity of all training stages and state financial support. National education system is regulated by the Constitution of the RB, Laws “On Education in the RB”, “On Languages”, “On National Minority”, “On Child’s rights”, other provisions adopted for the past years. The Law “On Education in the RB” announces the right to receive complimentary education at every stage of the national structure.


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