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Sage is proud to sponsor The Telegraph's awards for the second year running. From bra manufacturers (1) ___ financial institutions, entrants in last year's awards truly reflected the diversity (2) ___ British business today.

With more (3) ____ 400,000 business customers in the UK and over 20 years of listening to their experiences, we at Sage understand (4) ____makes a successful business - a combination of skills, knowledge, the right IT systems and good old-fashioned hard (5)____. All of these qualities are recognised and rewarded (6) ____ the awards. This year's awards (7) ____ going bigger and better than (8)____.

Sage is committed to celebrating UK business as a force to he reckoned with, both nationally and (9) ____ the globe.

The awards are intended to reward businesses of all sizes with a range of honours. They arc aimed (10) ____ reflecting good business practices, superior leadership, impressive customer service and imaginative use of the web. What's more, these awards are designed not just to commend UK entrepreneurs starting out in business, (11) ____ also to reward more established companies (12) ____ continue to prosper and grow.


1. А with B to C onto
2. А to B on C of
3. А of B than C from
4. А what B that C this
5. А work B working C worked
6. А from B on C by
7. А are B will C be
8. А always B ever C never
9. А in B across C on
10. А at B to C in
11. А and B not C but
12. А who B whose C which





Points) Syntax. Organise the correct order of words in Special question. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D or E) in the boxes.


a: Auxiliary verb

b: Subject

c: Question word

d: Other words in the sentence

e: Main verb




X 1 points) Lexis. Match phrasal verbs with the meaning. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D, E or F) in the boxes.


1: the engine stopped working a: get on
2: be careful b: take off
3: go into the air c: look out
4: get out of the bed d: break down
5: to manage e: get by
  f: get up




Раздел 2.

Иностранный язык как средство делового общения. English for Business Communication

X 2 points) Ethics. A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Three answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Write your answers (letters A, B or C) in the boxes.


If you’re doing business abroad, it’s useful to know about local customs.


1) If a British nods his/her head, it probably means … .

a: ‘Yes’

b: ‘I am interested’

c: ‘I understand’


2) If an Asian partner nods his/her head, it probably means … .

a: ‘I understand’

b: ‘Yes’

c: ‘I am interested’


3) At a social occasion with an Indian client you … .

a: mustn’t discuss business

b: can discuss business

c: don’t have to discuss business


4) If you are in a pub in England, you have to buy a drink for … .

a: everyone in the group you’re with

b: yourself

c: everyone in the pub




X 1 points) Ethics. In the following text five words are missing. Complete the text selecting the best variants for each gap. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D or E) in the boxes.


Easy tips in mobile phone etiquette


Respect the people around you when you (1) … or take a call in public. Use your mobile phone (2) … others. More than 100,000 calls a day are made to emergency (3) … by mobile phone users who report crimes and emergencies.

Follow the rules about mobile phone use. Some places, such as (4) … or aeroplanes, restrict or (5) … the use of mobile telephones.


a: make

b: prohibit

c: help

d: numbers

e: hospitals




2.2. (7 x 2 points) Read the article below about the history of the steel and metal industries in Sheffield, JK. Are sentences 1-7 on the opposite page Right' or "Wrong'? If there is not enough information to answer Right' or Wrong', choose 'Doesn't say'. For each sentence (1-7) mark one letter (А. В or C) in the box.


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