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Lucy Yates Bill Sherman

Can you please order some extra stationery for the reps' conference next week? Have a look at the Pens and More catalogue - they seem to be the best. We need enough for 10 reps, I suggest you get some A4 notepads, ballpoint pens, and ring binder files - one for each of the reps. Can you please also order 6 black marker pens and 50 OHP transparencies for me?



Pens and More Catalogue Stationery supplies All prices include VAT
Code Item Unit value £
ST 2367 A4 notepad - lined 2.75
ST 2589 A5 Memo pad 2.50
ST 0256 Ring binder file 2.25
ST 0148 Plastic folders - pack of 50 3.50
ST 0524 Plastic document folder 2.60
ST 5217 Roller ball pens - pack of 6 black 3.99
ST 5796 Ballpoint pens - pack of 10 blue 0.99
ST 5876 Board marker pens - pack of 6 black 3.25
ST 5899 Pencils - pack of 10 HB 0,36
ST 1764 OHP transparencies - pack of 50 6.99
ST 1551 OHP pens – pack of 6 3.49


Office Supplies Order Form Please fill in the order code, item description, quantity and unit value ONLY. Total amounts and the Grand Total will be completed by the Accounts Department.
Order code Item description Quantity Unit value £ Total amount £
ST 2367 (1) _____________ 2.75  
ST 5 796 BALLPOINT PENS - PACK OF 10 BLUE (2)____  
(3) ______ RING BINDER FILE 2.25  
ST 5876 BOARD MARKER PENS -PACK OF 6 BLACK (4)___ 3.25  
ST 1764 (5)_______ - PACK OF 50 16.99  



X 2 points) Business Documents. Read the text about the recruitment process and complete it with the words and expressions from the list. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D, E or F) in the boxes.


A contract can be defined as 'an (1) … between two or more parties to create legal (2) … between them'. Some contracts are made (3) …: in other words, they are (4) … and sealed (stamped) by the parties involved. Most contracts are made (5) … or (6) ...


a: in writing

b: agreement

c: signed

d: ‘under seal’

e: obligations

f: verbally




2.4.1. (2 x 3 points) Meetings. Look at the agenda for a decision-making meeting and decide what statements were made at stage 1. Tick (√) your answer(s) (letters A, B, C, D, or E) in the boxes.


  AGENDA   1. Objective 2. Priorities 3. Data analysis 4. Alternatives 5. Pros & cons 6. Final decision  


a: Our aim is to find out if there’s a good chance of success.

b: One option would be to do detailed market research.

c: We are here to decide whether to go ahead with this project.

d: The most important thing is: can we make this profitable?

e: The advantage of doing market research is we reduce risk.


a b c d e


X 1 points) Meetings. In the following sentences words are missing. Complete the sentences selecting the best variants. Write your answers (letters A, B, or C) in the boxes.


1) The language of meetings: OK, let’s get down to …


a: moment

b: disagree

c: business


2) The language of meetings: Can I just stop you there for a … ?


a: moment

b: business

c: disagree


3) The language of meetings: I totally … .


a: clear

b: afraid

c: disagree




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