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  1. Activities
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  4. Synergetic activities

Nowadays, company bosses are increasingly trying to find unusual team-building events as part of their training programme. An activity park (1)_____ Fast-track has just opened to offer (2) _____ events. It specialises (3) ____ events to attract the corporate entertainment market, (4) ____ is growing all the time.

The park is situated just a few kilometres outside the city centre (5) ______ it provides events that (6) ____ entertain as well as train.

Clients can try outdoor attractions such as sailing or climbing, (7) _____ availability clearly depends entirely (8) ____ the weather. Activities of (9) ____ kind are perfect team-building exercises.

'I'd (10) _____ been to an activity park before,' explained James Black, a company manager. 'Before we came, I didn't think we (11) _____ enjoy ourselves so much and I didn't expect the huge difference that Fast-track's programme has (12) ____ to my team. Now we work better together than we did before.'


1. А calling B calls C called
2. А such B like C so
3. А at B for C in
4. А who B which C what
5. А and B but C or
6. А ought B will C shall
7. А because B although C since
8. А on B of C with
9. А a B these C this
10. А still B ever C never
11. А must B would C might
12. А made B had C done




Points) Syntax. Organise the correct order of words in General question. Write your answers (letters A, B, C or D) in the boxes.


a: Main verb

b: Auxiliary verb

c: Subject

d: Other words in the sentence




X 1 points) Lexis. Complete the sentences putting in phrasal verbs according to the meaning. Write your answers (letters A, B, C or D) in the boxes.


1: Sally will leave tomorrow and … on Saturday a: get on
2: The bus was full. We couldn’t b: drove off
3: I was very tired this morning. I couldn’t c: come back
4: A woman got into the car and d: turned round
5: When I touched him on the shoulder, he  





Раздел 2.

Иностранный язык как средство делового общения.

English for Business Communication

X 2 points) Ethics. A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Three answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Write your answers (letters A, B or C) in the boxes.


If you’re doing business abroad, it’s useful to know about local customs.


1) If you’re doing business with a German, you have to shake hands when you … .


a: meet and when you leave

b: leave

c: meet


2) In the Middle East you have to give presents to business contacts … .


a: in public

b: in private

c: every time you meet


3) In Asia you have to give presents to business contacts … .


a: in public

b: in private

c: every time you meet


4) If you are giving a present to your Latin American customer you mustn’t give … .


a: food and drink

b: a clock

c: cutlery




X 1 points) Ethics. In the following text six words are missing. Complete the text selecting the best variants for each gap. Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D, E or F) in the boxes.


Mobile phone etiquette – easy tips


Respect the people around you when you (1) … or take a call in public. Be courteous to the people with you. Ask if it is OK to make or take a (2) …

If you need to use your mobile phone while in a (3) … or at a restaurant, leave the room. For some people, these (4) … are an intrusion.

Use your phone’s vibrating silent ring feature in (5) … places, such as cinemas, restaurants or theatres. If you expect an important call, get a seat near an (6) … to minimize interruptions.


a: exit

b: conversations

c: meeting

d: make

e: public

f: call




2.2. (7 x 2 points) Read the article below about the history of the steel and metal industries in Sheffield, JK. Are sentences 1-7 ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’? If there is not enough information to answer ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’, choose ‘Doesn't say’. For each sentence (1-7) mark one letter (А, В or C) in the box.

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