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5.1. Use the correct form of the verb – Present Perfect or Past Simple. Write out the sentences.

Model: I (read never) it. – I have never read it.

1. (see) you his painting yet?

2. He (write) his best book in 1997.

3. Anna (be already) to Greece. She (go) there two years ago.

4. I (be often) to India. I (go) there last in 2003.

5. They (have) a new car since July.

6. They (buy) a new car in July.

7. I (not like) that film last night.

8. He (not like) any films with that actor.

9. Tony (work already) in radio for four years. He (join) the company after he left university.


5.2. Complete the answers using the correct tenses.

Model:Have you seen the new bridge in London?

Yes, I have. I saw it last month.

1. Have you driven your father’s new car yet?

Yes, I ….. . I …… it yesterday.

2. Have your parents bought a new television?

Yes, they ……. . They ……. it two weeks ago.

3. Did you know Larry passed his test?

Yes, he …… . I ……. since last Saturday.

4. Has David been a painter for a long time?

Yes, he ……. . He ……. a painter since he was twenty.

5. Did Mary ever marry Tom?

Yes, she ……. . They ……. married for two years.

6. Has Jack got the tickets for the football match yet?

Yes, he ……. . He …….. them three weeks ago.


5.3. Put in since, for or ago.

1. We’ve lived in London …….. eight years.

2. I’ve only known her …….. yesterday.

3. I entered the University three years …….. .

4. She’s been a teacher …….. fifteen years.

5. It’s been raining …….. three days.

6. I first went to the USA about seven years …….. .

7. Mary phoned a few minutes …….. .

8. I haven’t seen her …….. weeks.

9. I haven’t visited them …….. June.

10. He hasn’t smoked …….. two years.


5.4. There are mistakes in some of these sentences. Find the mistakes and correct them.

1. I live in Brighton. I lived here for ten years.

2. Tolstoy has written War and Peace.

3. I started studying Spanish two years ago.

4. Oh, no! Look! Someone stole my car radio!

5. Who has discovered America?

6. We’ve played tennis yesterday afternoon.

7. When have you passed your driving test?

8. When did Neil Armstrong Walk on the moon?

9. I never ate Chinese food in my life.

10. Look at Mike! He grew a beard!


5.5. Choose the correct answer – Aor B?

1. I …….. to Los Angeles in 1980.

A) have been B) went

2. You ……. a lot of interesting things in your life.

A) have done B) did

3. James Dean …….. in the film Rebel without a Cause.

A) has starred B) starred

4. Who …….. the wheel?

A) has invented B) invented

5. I …….. coffee since 2003.

A) haven’t drunk B) didn’t drink

6. How many people …….. in the Second World War?

A) have died B) died

7. I work in a bank now. I …….. there for a year.

A) have worked B) worked

8. We …….. the new Steven Spielberg film last week.

A) have seen B) saw

9. …….. the news last night?

A) Have you heard B) Did you hear

10. When …….. your new car?

A) have you bought B) did you buy



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